Bespoke solutions development

Your accelerator for Digital Transformation

Whether you are Insurers, Wealth Managers, Asset Servicers, your Business Roadmap needs to adapt drastically to innovation, and seize the opportunity with the quickest time-to-market.

At Vermeg, as we are continuously investing on adaptive solutions and innovations in the Digital ecosystem.

  • Digital innovation and technologies
  • Financial specific and re-usable components
    (Palmyra Financial Library)
  • time-to-market Services
    (Palmyra Methodology for Innovation Delivery)

Palmyra is a Framework, a Components’ Store and a Methodology for Service Oriented and Digital architectures which adds value to your business.

Palmyra is a service-oriented framework, enabling Components to inter-operate with existing systems and/or touchpoint Technologies.

Palmyra offers the full capability to cover the development of Solutions, Components, from the touchpoint to connection to your platforms (Front to Back).

Palmyra as a Components store provides Flexible and Dedicated Add-Ons, easy to design to create a Unique Selling Point solution; provides technical components to faster your development promoting the re-use.

Palmyra stands for methodology under Palmyra Agile Design thinking methodology.

Our clients’ words about Palmyra are about faster and agile implementation, drastically reducing cost of ownership and providing on demand solutions.

Palmyra is also VERMEG’s Framework for our Business Solutions (SOLIFE, SOLIAM, MEGARA)

Palmyra, the best way to transform, to extend your IT landscape, to implement your digital strategy covering processes, UX innovation, omni-channel, implementation…

Whether you are Insurers, Wealth Managers or Asset Servicers, Vermeg delivers on-demand technologies, with Palmyra Framework and Methodology, for your Digital Roadmap.


Our Client needs to accelerate its "Go-to-Market" timing based on a reliable innovative technology, add channels to its clients solutions or release components in a lean way, and promoting the reuse of business components and existing architecture to offer the same quality of data and the same quality of service across all channels.

Palmyra enables APIs and a seamless integration of Components, for a multi-device, multi-channel architecture, along with a full digital User experience.

Successful and continuous delivery is performed with Palmyra Methodology, based upon Design and Prototyping conception.