Custody Relationships - A Carthaginian Approach

This whitepaper tracks historical developments in the custody market and the impact of political objectives in restructuring the EU Securities Market and concludes that it is essential that systems supporting the customers and investors must be continually modernised

Quantifying the Risks in Corporate Actions

This whitepaper quantifies the various risks taken by parties involved in corporate actions. The processing risks are logically identified, described and quantified following a two year research project, with information supplied by many leading financial services companies in both the wholesale and retail markets. The conclusions outlined in the white paper, call into question, the ability of the financial markets to resolve the significant corporate actions processing problems and advocates for a new global body to be set up, with the power to drive change, through systems investment, standardisation of procedures and rules across all domestic markets.

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Custody Relationships A Carthaginian Approach

Quantifying the risks in Corporate Actions