Training Services

The introduction of a new system or functionality creates a need for staff training at various levels. Vermeg takes training very seriously, as a positive user experience is enormously important to the value and success of the system. Initial training begins at an early stage in an implementation project so the client's project team can become familiar with the application and Vermeg's staff can interact closely with them,ensuring a deeper understanding of the client's business and the user's expectations.

Depending on the scale of the implementation and the impact on the client's operational and business environment, Vermeg will implement a relevant training program that consists of functional and technical training for pertinent staff. An accomplished Vermeg training team with outstanding interpersonal skills will ensure that users gain the required level of knowledge and competency to maximize the benefits of the new system or functionality. Training consists of a mixture of classroom and practical exercises. Vermeg scaffolds the learning process until users reach a desired level of competency.  Ongoing customer support is also provided.

Vermeg's objectives are twofold. First, they aim to transfer knowledge and aptitude to ensure a confident and highly proficient IT staff that is able to cope with the technical administration of the system on a daily basis. Second, they focus on consolidating conceptual knowledge, functional system skills and competencies to allow correct, efficient and easy use of the system by the day to day users.

Depending on the number of people who require training, Vermeg can provide a 'train the trainer' program that allows certifies client staff to handle additional or further internal training.