Social Responsibility

Sharing our success

Our first responsibility to our clients, partners and employees is to be a successful company.

Our success also means fulfilling our responsibilities to a wider community through donations.

Vermeg is a donor to the Nadi Al Bassar association, an educational, medical and social charitable institution in Tunisia.

Thanks to Vermeg's contribution, together with those of other private companies and government institutions, "Nadi Al Bassar" has been able to construct a new centre for the rehabilitation of visually handicapped patients. The centre was opened on June 1st, 2006.

Nadi al Bassar provides since 1982 re-education for children and adults with visual handicaps. Free consultations and treatments are provided by a team of ophthalmologists and orthoptists. Since its inception, thousands of patients have benefited from this care and many of them are now successfully pursuing their studies or have found employment. The centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including specialised computer software for the visually impaired as well as specially adapted internet access. It is recognised as a leader in the treatment of visual handicaps not just in Tunisia, but throughout the region

Vermeg also donates to the Razi Hospital.

Thanks to Vermeg's contribution, together with those of government institutions, the hospital has been able to construct the first care centre in Tunisia for patients with Alzhimer's disease. The centre opened end of 2010.

The Alzheimer Center is composed of a consultation area called a "memory clinic", a day care structure and a pavilion dedicated to training and community life, in addition to basic amenities for patients and their escorts.

Vermeg is also a donor to the "Ferme thérapeutique" association based in Tunisia.