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International Securities Processing and Fund Administration demand international expertise and skills. Vermeg prides itself on its ability to support customers in a diversity of markets and countries. Vermeg's team of professionals offer clients a range of complimentary services to ensure that implementations are efficient and successful. These services include bilingual consultants as well as training and support services using the latest web technology.

Successful implementations require both technology and business acumen and Vermeg is geared to assist customers in achieving the best outcome. Vermeg employs experts in both technology and business operations, drawn industry-wide to ensure that they can not only understand the customer's requirements but can also innovate solutions. Vermeg can therefore bespoke solutions and be highly adaptable to any need.

The excellence of Vermeg's systems and technology is matched by its cultural mix of staff, adding considerable benefit to any international financial organisation. Vermeg believes in globalisation and has invested heavily in accumulating the right combination of expertise enabling Vermeg to work within any culture and language and be comfortable working with local customs and practices.

Vermeg has formed a rigorous methodology from over a decade of implementations. Vermeg has gained invaluable insight into meeting potential challenges, correcting errors and avoiding expensive mistakes. This experience has made Vermeg a trusted supplier to many clients.

Vermeg's state-of-the-art development centre in Tunis is within easy reach of many markets and is a viable low-cost nearshore alternative to those in the Far East. A pool of highly proficient and multi-lingual support staff and an efficient use of web services technology make the Tunis nearshore operation one of the industry's best international development centres.

With market interest in managed services growing, Vermeg has been quick to create a business operation that leverages this expanding area. Vermeg and its business partner IBM have combined to bring a managed service offering to market.

Vermeg always aspires to provide the best possible solutions for its customers and offers these key components for a successful outcome:

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