Securities Processing Platform

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Securities Processing Platform megara suite

megara® is a global securities processing platform which has enabled the successful automation of the middle to back office tasks of major banking institutions in more than 20 countries.

Originally designed in 1996 with the assistance of both JP Morgan and Euroclear consulting resources, megara® has been installed at local custodians with local market connectivity issues as well as custodians with a global custody approach, i.e. cross border processing of events via a network of sub-custodians.
It has also been installed at brokerage firms, central banks, private banking institutions and investment managers.


Resulting from Vermeg's continuous commitment to the securities processing industry and the compliance of its solutions with the Securities Market Practice Group guidelines, the system was awarded the SWIFTReady Gold Label in the Securities Settlement category as early as 2002 and was the first system in the world to be awarded the Corporate Actions label in 2003. These accreditations have been reconfirmed every year since.

megara® suite is a Java EE platform powered by the productivity framework Palmyra. It offers high scalability and high availability capabilities. Megara can be delpoyed on various hardware configurations and operating systems.

megara® is composed of business modules, each of which may be implemented on a stand-alone basis, interfacing with existing legacy systems or together as an integrated whole package.
All the modules share the same core that includes common functionalities (Static Data, Position Keeping, Accounting, Fiscal and Fees Management) as well as connections to services such as SWIFT, CSD, or data feed providers.

Data Renferential: megacommon® centralizes all master reference data that are required by securities back offices and shared over all megara systems and sub systems.

Position Keeping: megpos® collects, analyses, records and impacts all cash and securities movements within bank and client account.

Corporate Actions: megacor® manages the entire chain of Corporate Actions processing from data cleansing to final execution and market claims.

Clearing & Settlement: megacustody® streamlines the Clearing & Settlement process of the trade.

Collateral Management: megCM® is designed for Central Banks, that ensures collateral and exposure management.

Stock Lending: megalend® supports Lending / Borrowing & Repo operations.

Cash Management: megacash® is supporting the cash operations of security services including cash money transfers, forex transactions and cash account keeping.

Order Management system: megatrade® supports the mid/back office processes of all types of trades.

Web Portal: megaweb® provides internet access to customers regarding their custodial services.

Message Broker: megabroker® centralizes all the Flows In and Flows Out generation, regardless their origin and destination.

Regulatory and Compliance: megacompliance® ensures the compliance of issued funds with regulatory rules and ratios according to market practices.

CRM and Monitoring: megaRM® manages client claims, gives a detailed overview on bank clients, helps on client reporting activities and provides illustrations of predefined KPIs and services quality indicators.


  • Present in more than 20 countries
  • Supports retail & wholesale environments
  • Supports local and global custody operations
  • Full STP processing, workflow approach
  • Real-time processing
  • Connection with CSD's: Euroclear, Clearstream, Iberclear, Strate, OeKB…
  • Web-based access for users and clients
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency support
  • Full SWIFT capability
  • Multi-entity and global processing support in single instance
  • High volume capability
  • ISO 15022 and ISO 20022 compliant


Securites Processing Platform