Fund Management

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Fund Management - Cash & Risk Management - Back office solution: Omega FA

Fund managers are creating more complex portfolios and strategies with multi-asset class compilation and on a global scale. With so many varied portfolio types requiring operational support and with regulatory pressure for transparency, the reliance on systems is growing. Increasing investor attraction to mutual funds (UCITS) is being fuelled by volatility in the cash equity markets and the perceived risks of derivative products. Regulations drive change in the mutual funds market but can also evolve into new business opportunities and increased competition. With client reporting and the management of client credit risk taking a high profile with regulators, the need is for firms to install systems that have real-time impact and offer the fund manager, total operational control. 

omega FA,Vermeg's fund administration solution has been installed in back offices of leading banks and fund managers with an estimated total of € 700 billion assets under management and 3800 NAV per day. With a 35% market share in France and Belgium, omega FA is a proven platform for institutional and UCITS funds, but is generically suitable for global markets. UCITS IV compliant, the system is a single investment accounting platform supporting all types of funds in all markets. With functionally to support the full fund administration operations, it is able to comply with regulatory reporting and bring a good risk management control. The imaginative design is a practical solution for fund managers with benefits found in important business operations of treasury management, position keeping, asset valuation, liability management and financial forecasting.

Omega FA : Back office solution


  • Complex portfolio management
  • Regulatory able
  • Multi NAV types.  
  • Multi-classes management
  • Multi-instruments coverage
  • Multi channels input/output processing
  • Fees management
  • Cash management
  • Multi-accounting 
  • Swift 20022 compliant
  • Reporting technology
  • High volume capacity