Custodians and Asset Services

Custodians at both the global custody and sub-custodian levels are the linchpins of domestic and international settlements. With high volumes, complex trading strategies and complicated financial products, custodians undertake a significant burden for the market.

Globalisation and increasingly stricter regulatory requirements mean that custodians and asset servicers need top quality custody systems in order to ensure a high STP rate with a high watermark trade level.

With client data protection and client services hot on the agenda, custodians must create a secure working environment. Investor assets must be able to be segregated and protected.

Vermeg custody solutions have been developed based on an intelligent use of workflows, which will grant the custodian total control of the transaction lifecycle and can lead to an increase in service quality. This will help the custodian meet their customers' expectations that operational costs decrease while service levels improve.

Vermeg's solutions aid regulatory compliance, optimise efficiency and reduce manual processing, which help reduce costs and operational risk, support growth and improve client services.