Corporate Actions

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Corporate Actions megacor

Corporate actions processing and management continues to be an industry problem with communication gaps between investors and their agents and market institutions. Although the market uses SWIFT message standards to automate much of the processing there are serious breakdowns, with increased risks and costs, because investing firms do not operate standards and use bespoke methods of communication. The global securities industry must move towards new solutions like ISO20022 and a greater take up of ISO15022, linking the Retail & Wholesale markets. Systems to automate processes between counterparties with functionality to manage problematic corporate actions transactions, for investors not SWIFT enabled, for the international and domestic markets, will be part of the industry solution.

megacor automates corporate actions processing and creates a management control between investors and the market. megacor's functionality is modular and can be selected as required, in any combination, to fit into an existing system's architecture. Whether it's the corporate actions notifications or claims processing or simply taxation, megacor will suit the needs of buy and sell side financial services firms. megacor is an industry accredited corporate actions processing solution, having gained both the SWIFTReady corporate actions accreditation and the B.I.S.S Accreditation for corporate actions processing systems every year since 2003.

megacor® can deliver the following benefits:

  • Automation of corporate actions processing
  • Management control of the entire corporate actions process
  • Exception management
  • Client services oriented solution
  • Functionality for all sectors in the domestic and international securities markets
  • Highly scalable solution, currently used in very high volume environment
  • Flexible & Modular Design
  • SWIFT Messaging


Corporate Actions