Consulting Services

International financial markets differ in regard to domestic and cultural practices and rules, adding to challenges faced by firms looking to establish new business relationships or ventures. Vermeg's experienced, multilingual business and technology consultants have extensive knowledge of local customs and are able to work within most cultures and languages. They are well-versed in finding technology solutions that enable compatibility between internatheiional and domestic requirements . They are also skilled at producing the best system solutions to achieve STP and reduce risk within the regulatory framework of the country concerned.

Vermeg's consultants work with their clients to eliminate unnecessary internal procedures or processes, helping them to streamline operations and establish new procedures to achieve top operational efficiency and control.

Vermeg's consultants help to implement the best business processes in line with both the Securities Market Practices Group (SMPG) and the best global market practices for the retail market. This brings together international standards and opens up potential businnes opportunities for its customers.