Collateral Management

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The recent Upheavals in the financial world have increased the role of the central banks in the expanding and evolving fields of refinancing and collateral management.

Central banks face increasing demand in optimizing collateral allocation and in monitoring intra-day liquidity, while the volumes of processed transactions are significantly growing.

Further to adopting advanced collateral classification, multi-pool management and earmarking, central banks should comply with Try-Party Collateral operation.

Our software solution
megaCM® already adopted by leading European central banks is a cutting-edge collateral management solution specifically designed for central banks. It grants transaction automation and provides efficient collateral management tools.



megaCM® can deliver the following benefits:

  • Flexible collateral operating model which can accommodate easily any new requirement.
  • Centralizes collateral monitoring.
  • Real Time authorization of Collateral Retun and Refinacing Operations depending on the Intra Day liquidity.
  • Transaction and Holding Reports for participants.
  • Connectivity and Integration with internal and external system flows.
  • Automation of interaction with financial market players as well as connection to services such as SWIFT, CSD...
  • Settlement transaction monitoring.
  • Centralization of corporate actions management.


Collateral Management