Central Banks

Central banks play a pivotal role in the regulation of the securities markets. In grappling with the global financial crisis, US and European political entities will bring change across Asia and other major markets. Central banks will need greater systems support, especially for collateral and risk management. The massive increase in sovereign debt across the world will also place pressure on central banks when issuing debt instruments and utilising financial markets to organise loans and repayments.

Top quality integration and communication technology is imperative for Central Banks to provide a full STP environment with secure management controls and real-time monitoring features.

Total control of the transaction throughout its lifecycle is a must for risk mitigation and increasing the possibility of higher trade.

Vermeg's suite of flexible and proven modules are ideal for central banks and can provide a complete solution from transaction initiation to settlement. SWIFT messaging allows STP connectivity to the secondary market.

Vermeg's solutions aid regulatory compliance, optimise efficiency and reduce manual processing, which help reduce costs and operational risk, support growth and improve client services.