Managing Corporate Actions with a SaaS delivery model : A Solution for Wealth Managers

Corporate actions processing continues to be one of the securities industry’s most confounding problems. Over many years there has been a considerable effort put in by various committees worldwide, with numerous attempts to standardise through agreed procedures and messaging standards but still an industry solution has proven elusive. For Wealth Managers corporate actions operations have remained very static during a heavy phase of industry change, through ISO15022 and advances...

Global Custody; Client Servicing a Fundamental Factor

Operational Decline If there is one thing that has stood out during this current financial crisis, it is the need for custody operations to be greatly improved, especially in client services where over decades we have seen a decline, as the volume of transactions continues to increase on a global scale. Today, investment portfolios are made up of international securities often alongside an array of complex investment and trading strategies and ‘over the counter’ (OTC) bespoke...

The Importance of Standards; a long and winding road

Ever since SWIFT opened up their network to the securities market there has been an enormous amount of effort by the banks and huge investment by software vendors to produce standardised messaging. But it’s fair to say despite the massive workload already undertaken; there is still a long way to go before the objectives will be met. Many people that were working in the securities markets in the late eighties when SWIFT opened its doors will have long since left the industry, others...

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Managing Corporate Actions

Client Servicing a Fundamental Factor

The Importance of Standards